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policy areas such as immigration. really a key issue here. and unemployment rates as well. that's 2% above the national average. so, you know, to be fair, some of this, by the way, goes with the territory. some of the concern comes along with the obama administration. he's well into his second term. you know, for many he doesn't seem to have that zip, the spark he had during the first term. >> politics, there's always a string attached. the implications down the road, we'll look at the midterm elections next year and, of course, 2016. >> yeah, there could be big ones. the 2014 midterm elections could be costly for the democrats here, especially in state legislative races where you may remember they'll try to hold on to the very precious 2/3 majority which is neutralized republicans. also, with less enthusiasm among key constituencies, there will be a few congressional seats in play in northern california as well, like jerry mcnerney and john garamendi come to mind. critical seats for those folks. then there's the 2016 presidential election. the big one. with these numbers, republica
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1